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My name is Robert Keiser. People call me Bob. Ryan Keiser is my son. We are not the traditional father and son business. Ryan is the founder of Keiser Wealth Management. He is in his 19th year as a financial advisor. He specializes in investment counseling for individual investors as well as 401K and other retirement programs. It could be said that the world of finance is one of his hobbies. He is attentive to understanding the fluctuations in the investment markets, why it does what it does. He has a genuine interest in developing meaningful and long lasting relationships with clients and providing them with sound investment advice.

The reason we do not have the traditional father and son business is that my career did not relate to the world of finance. I was a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service for almost 30 years. After I retired, Ryan invited me to join his business. Not the other way around. I have found the process and principles of protecting presidents relates directly to the process of protecting assets. Both need flexible planning, contingency options, good communications, focused objectives, an established performance process, to evaluate variables, and education.

Keiser Wealth Management is a full service investment firm. We offer access to investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, institutional funds, commodities and futures, estate planning, retirement planning, health and life insurance needs, and long term care assistance. We help both individuals and businesses make educated decisions about their investment strategies. We hope you like the way we do business and join us.

Trust and Confidence

For almost 30 years I carried the credentials of a U.S. Secret Service Agent almost every where I went. These credentials contain this statement of introduction, “…is commended as being worthy of trust and confidence”. This phrase has always had great meaning to me. I was privileged to be part of a brotherhood of individuals who in my eyes were great men and women. Because of hiring qualifications or training, or whatever reason, Officials of the United States Treasury Department thought it meaningful to introduce agents with that phrase on their credentials. This statement continues to have meaning in my life. I believe it describes me to this day. I believe it is a part of who I am.

Trustworthy Handshake

As you become familiar with us you will recognize that this phrase has great significance to us in the way we conduct our business. It is something we aspire to be for everyone. I commend to you Keiser Wealth Management as being, “worthy of your trust and confidence”.

Robert H. Keiser (Retired)

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